Root one


Aside from developing an unhealthy obsession with “Dream Is Collapsing” from Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack for the film Inception, I’ve recently found myself:

– prevented from crossing Tower Bridge by a security alert (an abandoned car had to be blown up, apparently)

– looking at the words “Biographia Literaria” on the spine of a book I own and trying to work out what my chances are of picking it up again after a couple of years since putting it down

– unable to remember the words to various Christmas carols

– plotting rehearsal and recording sessions with two other members of SOP (the fourth is a little busy at the moment)

– half-thinking up new tunes only to find that they’re old tunes in disguise

– avoiding writing new lyrics (that’s enough disappointment for now)

– playing the air ukulele

– listening to “Dream Is Collapsing” again

– hoping my pilot’s licence arrives in time for me to pop over to New York in time for a gig next month

In short: all the usual things. . . .